Featured Courses

Featured Courses


English Application with Chinese-American Culture

The goal of this course is to integrate the previously acquired cross-cultural theories and preparatory language knowledge of practical contexts, and to apply cultural contextual content to the observation of global multicultural trends related to Chinese cultural subjects, so that learners treat classrooms as non- Passively discuss the learning field, highlighting race, gender, and class perspectives in the transformational issues of multiculturalism, and apply it to the process of data collection, observation, and dialectics, communicate and dialogue with cultural diversity consciousness, flip the stereotype consciousness, and achieve tolerance Cultural context The goal of cultural and language communication. The process also enables students to learn English in film and television, news facts, online Chinese cultural language websites related to Chinese American culture.


Multilingual English Application

The main goal of this course is to enable students to use the Internet to create a virtual and diverse environment and discussion and interaction in the classroom when learning English in a multi-lingual context, and to use the Internet community and media to enable students to learn in different languages. Apply the grammatical skills learned in the environment to strengthen language intelligence, so as to be able to communicate effectively in English in the daily campus multilingual environment.


Internet English Application

This course trains students to actually participate in the [Online Cultural Exchange Program] (Online Cultural Exchange Program) with Japanese and Indonesian students, watching and discussing TedTalks speech content and personal opinions and other written communication. Students can practice the etiquette of writing personal opinions, opinions, and correct wording and language.


Workplace English Application

The feature of this course is to combine students' background knowledge (such as finance, economics and management, etc.) and English knowledge to help students perform professionally in the workplace. In addition, this course adds impromptu role-playing. Each student has a designated role and position. The role and position must be improvised. The instructor will guide each student’s problems.


Inter-cultural Communication in English

The goal of this course is for students who enter the workplace in the future and want to integrate with international standards:

  • Learn basic business and social English communication vocabulary and grammar; develop basic English skills.
  • Familiar with business and social English communication context, can achieve the purpose of effective communication in different situations.
  • Deepen the four skills of rooted English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and integrate thematic discussion courses into the teaching; bring cognitive learning of different cultures.
  • Use online social platforms and learning resources to enable students to develop an autonomous English learning model and build lifelong learning capabilities.