Featured Labs/Spaces

Featured Labs/Spaces

New Teaching Fields of Language Center

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Multimedia Teaching and Broadcasting Display Wall

Display Wall

The "Multimedia Teaching and Broadcasting Display Wall" uses multimedia to push and broadcast activities such as classroom teaching or event performances to three digital display screens. With the overall light guidance of the corridor, it creates a professional learning atmosphere. At the same time, it cooperates with the clock-in wall rest area and the display of language magazines and periodicals to create an independent discussion and learning corner to give full play to multiple functions.


Catering Situation ClassroomE-cafe1




The "Catering Situation Classroom" is based on the common catering service industry. It has a western-style catering area, a counter checkout area and a 65-inch large-screen interactive display, providing teachers and students with realistic exercises. It can also be utilized for multi-functional teaching, such as interviews, conference presentations, small meeting rooms, teacher lounges, etc., to cultivate students' practical language skills for future employment. Applicable courses are: Business English, Catering English, Presentation English, Tourism English, Reception English, Social English, etc. It is an appropriate language learning field that supports a number of special courses.

Interactive Studio

Interactive Studio

Interactive Studio2

The "Interactive Studio" uses a large 120-inch touch screen, a background-removing green screen and three relay screens to create a professional interactive studio space, which serves professional ESP courses such as News English, Conference English, Presentation English, and Exhibition English. It is also opt for multimedia video broadcasting. It realizes language learning in the real field learning space, strengthens the sense of presence, and makes language learning naturally immersed.


The fields of professional English teaching are different. Traditional classrooms are mainly based on EAP (English for Academic Purposes, Academic English) or EGP (English for General Purposes, General English). The teaching methods are often too standardized and the scenes are too monotonous to make students go to the classroom. Therefore, the learning content cannot be used in life immediately. The introduction of the practical-oriented teaching of ESP has had an impact with both teachers and students, and the challenges are greater. Both parties have strengthened the sensitivity and appropriateness of language use. The establishment of the new teaching field of the Language Center is part of the school’s future English intensive plan for the whole school. Its purpose is to train students’ practical language skills for future employment. The applicable courses can be: Business English, Catering English, Presentation English, News English, Sightseeing English, Reception English, Social English... etc. It is an appropriate language learning field that can support the establishment of special courses in various departments.


With the trend of declining birthrate in the coming future, it is estimated that the student source of the school in the next five years will be affected. The new teaching field built by the Language Center is the school’s English teaching equipment to develop new space, and the construction of the real field allows students to experience it. The students in the ESP course will be in real situation. The task-oriented Language learning under the task-based curriculum will allow students to have confidence in learning the language and adapt to the language response in the real environment. This will enable students to have a sense of trust and self-confidence in the school's equipment, teaching methods, and courses, and, therefore, enhance language motivation and interest in learning. At the same time, the Language Center holds about 18 large-scale English examinations a year, which are aimed at high school students and above in Miaoli. The examination equipment in NUU is certified and is a professional English examination venue in Miaoli. The new teaching area is located next to the examination venue and can be used for open visits or as a parent’s lounge. Its novel equipment and interiors can enhance the professionalism of the Language Center for students and parents, and greatly help the school’s professional image.

Microphone Amplifier

Installed with noise cancelling transmission technology, the UHF (Ultra high frequency) wireless microphone is characterized by anti-4G-jamming and clear sound quality.

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English Proficiency Test Equipment

Room H1-704, H1-705 and H1-902 are equipped with SANAKO system made in Finland. Such eco-friendly equipment not only solves the e-waste problems of wasting desktop computers and monitors but also embraces the following advantages:
.Allow students to participate in various stimulating learning activities, 
either alone, or in groups or pairs.
.Enable teachers to effectively monitor and guide student progress.
.Enable teachers to automatically evaluate assignments and exams, and
  to increase the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during 
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LG Classroom H1-702

Classroom H1-702 is distinctively equipped with hexagon activity tables—designed for creating an effective learning environment, especially for brainstorming sessions or group projects. 
It is reminded that no food or beverage is permitted in the classroom. For convenience, cabinets can temporarily be the space for students to place food and beverage.

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LG Classroom H1-706

Equipped with integrated control system, the computer classroom H1-706 supplies positive and productive English learning environment.
Introduction to the Online Learning Platform— Easy Test 

Using Steps:
STEP1➖Access with the student number (Account: Student No. / Pin: Student No.)
STEP2➖Click the Toeic icon 
STEP3➖Clicke one of the complete tests with various sample questions 
STEP4➖Take the reading and listening practice exam
STEP5➖Check the grade
The e-learning platform includes the sample tests of TOEIC, GEPT and IELTS. A quiet place for the sample exam taking is suggested. Do not forget to correct the wrong answers and review the corrected questions for improving English ability.